Pink Cakes and Giggles

Written 5-19-2014 


A strawberry cake is cooling on the kitchen counter.

When the house is quiet, I will ice it, smearing gooey, pink frosting into swirly peaks.

Tomorrow, we’ll gather around the kitchen table, and watch as our little girl squints her eyes shut, makes a wish, and blows out the candles once again. Tomorrow, our little girl turns 19.

It’s hard to fathom how fast the years have whirled by — a 19-year kaleidoscope of colorful memories, each precious and priceless. 19 years of pink cakes and giggles.

Being a mom has been one of my life’s greatest accomplishments. My daughter inspires me to be a better me, and I can not imagine how empty my days would have been without her wit, beauty, intelligence, gentle spirit and radiant soul.

Happy Birthday, Brenna. Wishing you countless days of pink cakes and magic memories!




About barriepagehill

A former print and broadcast reporter, I am blogging to document my experience as primary caregiver to my mom, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. I find writing cathartic and find it helps me order some of the chaos of my cluttered life. My writing is reflective of my experiences with my mom and matters I find important as I navigate the New Normal of living with a family member tormented by this devastating disease. As my mom's condition worsens, I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. I hope my writing chronicles some of our experiences and documents this bittersweet journey.
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2 Responses to Pink Cakes and Giggles

  1. That cake looks so delicious. Hope Brenna enjoyed her birthday. And love your writing, Barrie. Such eloquence…

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