Sunshine and a song bird


She’s perched like a bird, sitting on the porch in the afternoon sunshine. Traffic whizzes past, hurried drivers taking little notice of the little lady in a pink sweatshirt and over-sized designer shades, scrunched in a wheelchair at the corner of the porch.

Birds sing from lofty perches in barren branches, but the first pale, pink blooms hint of the spring to come. A ribbon of sweet drips from the tilted cone. She takes another bite, melting cream smearing across her cheek.

I watch my mom, study the frail and wrinkled hands; a halo of silvery hair, bright in the sun; wisps catch the breeze and dance. She is earnest in her endeavor, concentrating on her cone. Tiny drops drip to the porch, shiny pearls in the sunlight.

Like a child, my mom enjoys these simple pleasures; making the most of dwindling days. I marvel at her childlike glee. She is reminding me to savor the sweetness, to remember the daily joys: An ice cream cone, a songbird and sunshine, and the promise of spring.


About barriepagehill

A former print and broadcast reporter, I am blogging to document my experience as primary caregiver to my mom, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. I find writing cathartic and find it helps me order some of the chaos of my cluttered life. My writing is reflective of my experiences with my mom and matters I find important as I navigate the New Normal of living with a family member tormented by this devastating disease. As my mom's condition worsens, I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. I hope my writing chronicles some of our experiences and documents this bittersweet journey.
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