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Fly, little bird, fly

I knew we were in trouble when the plane made yet another merry-go-round swoop, circling the sprawling Atlanta area, waiting for clearance to land. Flight attendants buckled into jump seats; the red warning light kept crew and passengers tethered. The … Continue reading

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The Resistors

He was tall with a handsome, craggy face and piercing blue eyes, reminiscent of a 60s matinée idol. He stood at the back of the growing throng, scanning the crowd. When I approached, he tipped a ball cap emblazoned with … Continue reading

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Chicken scratch — A new coop to call home

  The chickens have officially crossed the road.  A green ceramic chicken nested on my grandmother’s kitchen counter for as long as I can remember. She and my mama bought the fowl on their once-in-a-lifetime trip across the border to … Continue reading

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A dog tale

Yesterday about this time, I was convinced I was about to be mauled by a pack of wild dogs on an isolated stretch of lonely highway. After a few warning growls and menacing barks, the dogs turned tail and settled … Continue reading

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A cup of ice and The Hoo-ha

She requested a cup of ice. A cup from Sonic, to be specific. “A tall cup of crushed or chipped ice,” Stephanie wrote in a Facebook request on Oct. 23. Tonight, this sweet lady is gone, and, like many, I am … Continue reading

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Whisper of wings

I keep looking at the clock and checking timeline stamps, figuring out that her last post was made around 1 a.m. I look back through the holiday photos of a beaming family on Christmas morning, unaware that, in less than 24 … Continue reading

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The Box — a prelude

I passed it up my first time down the aisle. Something made me stop, turn around, go back for a second look. It was just a small glass box, perched delicately on a crowded metal shelf in our town’s thrift … Continue reading

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