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My mama’s shoes

Two overfilled cardboard boxes, taped and confined, have been harboring in the trunk of my car for months. I catch sight of them when I stash a sack of groceries or stow a bag of bird seed. I know they are … Continue reading

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Whisper of wings

I keep looking at the clock and checking timeline stamps, figuring out that her last post was made around 1 a.m. I look back through the holiday photos of a beaming family on Christmas morning, unaware that, in less than 24 … Continue reading

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Not bad, really, not bad at all

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when you find yourself crouching in a bathroom stall, wiping dog poop off of your shoe with cheap paper towels. Yep, folks, it’s been quite the day. As the husband snores … Continue reading

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Little BIG things

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Like many, I am guilty of  squandering precious moments and have taken far too many things for granted in the haste … Continue reading

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Sleep, perchance to dream…

I punch my pillow, throw off the blanket and turn over, again. The dance of car lights streaks pattern across the wall beside the bed in the room I now share with my mom. It is dark, but light from … Continue reading

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Sunshine and a song bird

She’s perched like a bird, sitting on the porch in the afternoon sunshine. Traffic whizzes past, hurried drivers taking little notice of the little lady in a pink sweatshirt and over-sized designer shades, scrunched in a wheelchair at the corner … Continue reading

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