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My mama’s shoes

Two overfilled cardboard boxes, taped and confined, have been harboring in the trunk of my car for months. I catch sight of them when I stash a sack of groceries or stow a bag of bird seed. I know they are … Continue reading

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Just one weekend

I sat on a rock beside the calm water and watched the slipping sun paint golden streaks across the sky. A breeze rustled the reeds and the evening song of cicadas welcomed the dusk. My lakeside perch was the perfect … Continue reading

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Ode to a Brussels Sprout

  My husband politely declines the Brussels sprouts I am spooning up at dinner this evening, but my mom and I heap our plates with the little green globes of goodness. I ask mom if she recalls the first time … Continue reading

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Pink Cakes and Giggles

Written 5-19-2014  A strawberry cake is cooling on the kitchen counter. When the house is quiet, I will ice it, smearing gooey, pink frosting into swirly peaks. Tomorrow, we’ll gather around the kitchen table, and watch as our little girl … Continue reading

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A Better Tomorrow

Last night, I peeked in on my mom and she was dozing, the television blaring in the background. I went to her bedside, started to click off the lamp, and she opened her eyes. I wasn’t sure if I would … Continue reading

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